Merch Stores

Our merch store services are designed to streamline your branding and merchandise needs. We specialize in creating and managing custom online stores filled with your branded products. From apparel to promotional items, our platform allows for an effortless selection, customization, and distribution process.

We handle everything from inventory management to order fulfillment, ensuring that each item reflects your brand’s image and meets your quality standards. Our service is ideal for organizations looking to provide their members, employees, or customers with a range of branded merchandise options without the logistical complexities.

Partner with us to create a seamless, efficient, and tailored merchandising solution that elevates your brand presence and satisfies your merchandising needs. Let us take care of the details, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Merch Stores

Why Online Merch Stores?

Here are just a few reasons.

How Merch Stores Work

Step 1: Request A Store

Step 2: Store Set Up & Promotion

Step 3: Fulfillment

Step 4: Get Paid

To tailor your store precisely to your needs, we require specific details about the store’s purpose and any existing artwork for item decoration, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presentation.

We will create mock-ups of the selected items and use them to construct your dynamic store, requiring no effort on your part. Once the store is built, we will supply you with a link that you can easily share with your fan base, employees, team, or any intended audience through posts, emails, and other communication methods.

Upon the closure of the store, we initiate the sourcing and production process. After all items are produced, we will proceed to distribute them directly to the end customers or, alternatively, individually package the items per order for you to distribute at your convenience.

Typically, a designated fundraising amount is allocated to the sale of each item. Upon completion of the sales period, we will provide you with a check for the total amount raised, contributing directly to your fundraising efforts.

Merch Store FAQs

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Who are Merch Stores for?

Merch Stores are not for everyone but they certainly have a place in these markets:

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How many items should I have on my store?

Less is More.

While it may be nice to offer a ton of different styles and colors to your audience the research says that less than 10 items is the most advantageous for sales.

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What types of items should I have?

T-Shirts are, and will likely always be, the core item category.  

The type of items we recommend are driven by the audience demographic and goals of the organization.

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How does a Merch Store save me time?

Gone are the days of sending your people home with a paper form to complete only to find there’s missing information when you go to compile it all together in a spreasheet.  Merch Stores save administers several hours of their time.

It's time to set your merch on auto-pilot with Established Merch!

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